Friday, April 24, 2009

Fly a flag and do it with purpose

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Fifth annual flag party, plants the seed for patriotism

West Mifflin, PA – April 24, 2009 – Plans for the fifth annual red, white and blue flag celebration – honoring our country’s birth – is being finalized by Dr. Albert Graham, West Mifflin Chiropractor, school board member and neighborhood flag raiser. What has come to be known as their family red, white and blue trademark – the American flag – is the result of the Graham’s annual July 4th celebration.”

Graham and his cohorts hope to take the promotion to the national level. “Every local television station has covered the event. Local radio and TV celebrity, Marty Griffin, from KDKA twice invited me on as a guest on his morning radio talk show, I told his listeners how we honor or soldiers and how we celebrate the fourth of July in West Mifflin. The event made the front pages of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Trib Media daily newspapers and several weekly and monthly publications did feature stories,” Dr. Graham proudly states.

“This is our five-year anniversary and we want to make it bigger and better than the last four years combined,” Dr. Graham predicted. With the help of local leaders, almost one-thousand flags were planted on West Mifflin lawns last year. “This year we hope to double that amount and expand into other Mon Valley towns,” says Dr. Graham.

Contributions to purchase flags came from State Senator Jay Costa, State Representative Bill Kortz Allegheny County Councilman Bob Macey and West Mifflin Mayor John Andzelik. Dr. Graham looks forward to their continued support and hopes to secure corporate sponsors, media sponsors and more volunteers to spread his rendition of a star-spangled-bannered-community throughout the Mon Valley.

“As a veteran of the armed services, my family appreciates what our men and women have done in Iraq and all over the world. We hope when West Mifflin residents awake on July 4th and see the American flags waving in their yards, they will feel the same way,” Graham proudly points out.

In the meantime, the Grahams continue to solicit family and friends for additional help. Besides his wife Cathy and three sons Matthew, Joshua and Ryan, plenty of friends and relatives from the West Mifflin area participate in the flag-brigade every year. “There’s not a better way to teach patriotism, than to live it,” says Cathy Graham, a teacher in the West Mifflin Area School District.

The flags used in the promotion are all USA-made. Anyone who would like to follow Dr. Graham’s lead and display 8 x 12 American flags may contact Dr. Graham at his office in the West Mifflin Borough building near the county airport at 412-460-1166.

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