Saturday, April 25, 2009

Principal of Milliones resigns for family reasons

There is more to this from my point of view:
Principal of Milliones resigns for family reasons: "The principal of the Pittsburgh Public Schools' university-partnership school is resigning.

Sito Narcisse, who joined the district about a year ago and oversaw the opening in August of Pittsburgh Milliones in the Hill District, will leave at the end of the school year for family reasons, district spokeswoman Ebony Pugh said yesterday.

Dr. Narcisse said he's leaving because his wife, Dr. Zania Narcisse, has accepted a residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York.

Pittsburgh Milliones 6-12, a highly touted part of the district's high-school improvement campaign, operates under a partnership with the University of Pittsburgh. It opened with about 130 ninth-graders with plans to evolve into a school for grades six through 12.

'We've made a lot of progress,' Dr. Narcisse said.

I understand that the principal got in some trouble for giving us a tour and having me along with the video camera. Unreal.

So, a month later when a tour of Pittsburgh Peabody was held -- no video cameras were permitted. Homeland security was the excuse.

Pittsburgh Public Schools lost a good principal who had done the right things by me in terms of being open.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for another example with a email that came to me from a top administrator. I don't blog about it yet as it resides in a cooling off period.


Anonymous said...

Was there anything you filmed that PPS was upset about in particular?

Mark Rauterkus said...

No way.

People at PPS would not say much, if anything, to me.

But, there could be backlash to the one's who are open.

The Peabody HS tour and "scare" reason so as to not film was for 'homeland security' -- giggle.

Anonymous said...

All year PPS staff members have been mentioning issues with behavior at this school so they may be looking for someone good at maintaining discipline.

Mark Rauterkus said...


Guess where this principal came from?

I think he was formerly at Woodland Hills HS. He had been the V-Principal there -- I think.

Woodland Hills was in the news a lot that year as, for instance, on teacher had claimed to have broken up nearly 60 fights in that school year. One teacher. Unreal numbers, but covered on some radio talk shows.

Anonymous said...

I attended the meeting that came after the tour where we roundtabled on strengths and weaknesses. I remember thinking at the time that with the hours required of principals, why would anyone want the job? I will wait for the post you mentioned coming soon.

Anonymous said...

One reason to want the job is a salary of 100,000 or more plus good benefits. But it is a tough job.

Anonymous said...

You've seen his new school in boston