Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pittsburgh 'legends' help reopen Hill rec center

Pittsburgh 'legends' help reopen Hill rec center: "Some of the greatest names in Pittsburgh basketball history began their careers in some capacity at the Ammon Recreation Center on Bedford Avenue in the Hill District, and yesterday many of them gathered for two reasons -- to be honored as 'Ammon legends' as well as to celebrate the reopening of the historic building.

The building, which had been run by the city of Pittsburgh until 2004, had been kept open by a cooperative effort of a number of groups and spearheaded by Macedonia Baptist Church until last year when a lack of funds forced it to close its doors.

But thanks in large part to the efforts of Pittsburgh Parks and Recreation Director Duane Ashley and Councilwoman Tonya Payne and with the blessing of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, $200,000 in funding was secured within the budget to remodel the building and open it once again."
Stay tuned, to this blog, for video of the evening's events.

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