Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gun backers move to head off controls

Gun backers move to head off controls: "He said his bill is meant to 'financially deter and/or punish' municipalities that 'blatantly violate' state law. The state code doesn't let localities 'regulate the lawful ownership, possession, transfer or transportation of firearms.'

'This is ludicrous,' said city Councilman Bruce Kraus, when informed of Mr. Metcalfe's effort.

'This is just an attempt to bully municipalities into submission.'
The submission part swirls around and around in this saga. That's the only thing Mr. Kraus says that makes sense.

The oath of office for elected officials includes the pledge to uphold the PA Constitution. Way back when, I took candidate Kraus to task for saying he would go into office to serve the people of the district and that is where his oath would be directed -- and where his 'service' would be a slave to. He didn't know that the oath is really to the constitutions.

All in all, it is good that he is only cheerleading and not trying to introduce bills that are at odds with the purpose of city council.

Gun laws from local governments won't work.

Ravenstahl's statement about getting these types of weapons (assault weapons perhaps) out of the hands of criminals in the wake of the shootings in Stanton Heights is bogus. From what I know, the gag order is being broken by the mayor. And, at 6 am on the day of the killings the guy with the gun was NOT a criminal, rather a citizen. Furthermore, there are laws that exist today that make it illegal for convicted criminals to posses guns.

So, either Luke Ravenstahl is miss-quoted or miss-speaking or just goffy.

Perhaps he wants to get rid of guns from all citizens -- not just criminals?????

For your review:
"If [Mr. Metcalfe] and the entire General Assembly weren't moved by the events here on April 4, and don't realize that these types of weapons need to be out of the hands of criminals and we need to make sure that local gun laws are put in place, I don't know what will" move them, the mayor said.

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