Thursday, April 30, 2009

We need -- and we all should want -- assessment buffering

I posted this message in a thread at Bram's blog about the property tax mess.

First the conflict: It was stated by a respected guru of sorts, in part: "IMHO, only the most mild form of buffering would pass judicial muster based on this ruling." Then it was stated by the same person, later, in part: "I think any form of buffering is made pretty difficult if not impossible by this ruling."


The perfect buffering method would work -- citizen appeal, political will and power, court blessing and constitution adjustments.

With assessment buffering, no property owners are ever left in the past -- as is always the case with a base year method.

I understand that the fight to gain the assessment buffering option for counties is big / "difficult" -- but it is much more simple and productive than the boondogle Onrato (mainly, recently) has planted for everyone for years.

The assessment buffering solution has one objection of the 'It can't be done' flavor / done deal / shoot the messenger flavor.

The 1, 2, 3, 4% solution is far different. When a property is 200-percent or 300-percent off the mark, it would take a lifetime to get to what is fair, even with 4% increases.

With assessment buffering done well, and much different than that other hokie keep the rich richer hoodwink attempt, all properties are spot in in 3 years. Math = 1/3 of difference each year for 3 years.

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