Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Fifth Ave:

* Will be used as the staging area for all marked police and public safety vehicles.
* The staging area on Fifth will be starting at Bellefield Ave and proceeding west until at least Craft Ave if not further.
* Fifth Ave will be closed starting at 10:00AM till 12:30 PM at which time the west bound curb lane will be open for traffic until 15:00 hours, at which time the funeral processions will begin.
* Allegheny County Port Authority will close outbound bus traffic on Fifth Avenue and move bus operations to Forbes Avenue outbound at 09:30 AM.
* Inbound bus traffic will turn right on Bellefield, then left on Bayard, then left onto Bigelow, crossing Fifth and Forbes and accessing The Boulevard of the Allies through Schenley Park.
* Cross over streets for Fifth Avenue are: Fifth Avenue and Bigelow Boulevard; Fifth and Meyran Avenues; and Fifth Avenue and McKee Place.

Funeral Procession Route

• Leave City-County Building on Grant Street
• Take Grant to Martin Luther King Jr. East Busway
• Exit busway at Neville Street ramp
• Neville Street to Fifth Avenue
• Right onto Fifth Avenue
• Right onto DeSoto Street
• Left onto Terrace Street
• Right onto Sutherland Drive, to the Petersen Center

* All three processions will stage on Sutherland Drive

Petersen Event Center

* The Honor Guard will bear the fallen Officers across the patio to Concourse A entrance.
* All uniformed officers attending the funeral will stage on the patio of the Petersen Event Center on Allequippa from Sutherland Drive to the driveway of Sutherland Hall and also in F Lot.
* City of Pittsburgh Police Mobile Command Post will be staged in the loading dock area.

Allequippa Street

* Closed from entrance of OC Lot, east to University Drive at 08:00 AM.

Robinson Street

* From Wadsworth to Center Avenue, both sides of the street will be used as the staging area for buses that will bring Pipe Bands, Color Guards, and transportation for out of town Officers.

Pitt Police Traffic Posts

* Darragh at Victoria
* Darragh at Terrace
* Darragh at Allequippa
* Entrance to OC Lot at Allequippa
* Top of OC Lot driveway (Officer will stage family vehicles)
* Allequippa and University Drive
* Terrace and Sutherland
* Allequippa and Center
* O'Hara and Desoto
* Six Motor Cycles for escorts
It is a great idea to use the busway in moving from Downtown to Oakland.

I expect that the events at the Pete will be carried on local TV or cable, right?

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