Thursday, February 02, 2017

Fwd: Really worth reading - parts 1 and 2 (updated)

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From: John Hemington

Attached are a pair of posts in single document by Ian Welsh.  They are, in my opinion, excellent and really worth reading for anyone who is interested in see real and meaningful change in this system.  Trump is clearly the problem of the moment, but he is not the only problem.  The Democratic Party, as now constructed and ruled by the neoliberal New Democrats in the DNC, is, in many ways, almost worse since they tend to disarm and coop committed liberals into believing that they stand for change – they don't, except on the fringes.  On the issues of concern to the elites and the plutocrats and the neocon militants, they are deeply in bed with them.  Do read these pieces, they are important.





In some ways the two attached articles are a direct follow-up from the Ian Welsh posts above – the first directly references that post. If you haven’t taken the time to read the Welsh posts I urge you to do so, and then read these. The times upcoming are going to be tremendously difficult for most of us and we’ll need clear and effective strategies for determining how to best proceed.



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