Thursday, February 16, 2017

Fwd: Every so often . . .

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From: John Hemington

Every so often someone writes a column which cuts through the fog and clearly identifies what is really going on and what must be done in response.  This is the case by Peter Gaffney in the first attachment.  Gaffney understands just why the great risk we now face is organizing resistance in support of the failed Democratic Party policies which led us to Trump.  Read this article, it is important.

The second attachment by Ramzy Baroud presents the face of Israel as it has always been, one of destruction, devastation and dismemberment of the Palestinian people which will now clearly result in a purely apartheid structure in what will be known as 'Greater Israel' for those deemed suitable to remain in the 'Jewish state' – the rest will, as is ever the case, be uprooted and exiled or killed.  And, as always, Israel will do this with our blessing and our help.  Such is the state of the world these days.


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