Saturday, February 25, 2017

Fwd: DNC Chairman Election

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From: John 

If Thomas Perez wins the election as Democratic Party Chairman it is time to formally abandon all hope for a constructive reordering of Democratic Party priorities.  It simply means that the corporate and financial titans have once again won the day and that the corporate centric policies which ruled Obama's presidency and led to Clinton's defeat in 2016 will continue unabated in the Democratic Party.  This will insure continued Republican dominance in national elections.  It's not clear where progressives and the left can turn, but it's certainly clear that continued support of DNC endorsed candidates will bring only more of the same and is not worth the time and effort involved.  Until the Democratic Party is forced to recognize that it must cease being the party of corporate and financial plutocrats and return to its Middle American roots, there is no reason to vote for DNC endorsed Democrats.