Saturday, February 04, 2017

Fwd: Faux news, Endless War and Unstoppable Climate Change

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From: John Hemington

Trump aside (I know that's really not possible) there are soooo many issues left over from the Obama, Bush and Clinton administrations which have not been addressed – and are not likely to be in the Bannon administration.  However, these are clearly far too important for us to forget, shrug our shoulders and say "Oh well, maybe another day."  Three of the most important are endless war, climate change and the  almost unregulated financialization of the world by the neoliberal elite.  And, while we may worry about having to fight through the Trump administration to address these issues, keep in mind that they were never on the radar of the neoliberal New Democrats in the previous administration.  Ergo, a big part of the battle will have to be not letting those self-same New Democrat elitists take over any progressive movement that is organized to address these issues.  It will be a long, difficult dangerous and dirty fight to bring these to the fore, but it is one we cannot abandon just because Trump/Bannon would like to distract us 'alternative facts' and monstrous appointments. 

Attached are three interesting and somewhat related articles; and, for those of you not terrified of clicking on links, an excellent interview with Jeremy Scahill, co-founder with Glen Greenwald of The Intercept





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