Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fwd: Trump and the Deep State

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From: John Hemington

I suspect that the first attachment will make a number either uncomfortable or angry as you may think that it is a defense of Donald Trump's presidency – it is not.  However, I believe that it is a dead-on accurate reflection of what is now taking place in this country.  The neoliberal wings of both the Democratic and Republican Parties – including all of the main stream and neoliberal media – are waging a full-court press to discredit and eliminate a sitting president.  Regardless of one's feelings about Trump, and I find him to be despicable, the propaganda war which is being waged against him sets an exceedingly dangerous precedent – up to and including the suggestion that the 'Deep State' should act to "take him out."  The tactics being employed are right out of the Joe McCarthy playbook from the 1950s.  And, don't forget, if Trump is removed in one way or another, we are left with a much smoother, more devious version of Trump in Mike Pence.  The Pence project will be no less destructive than the Trump project, but will be much more difficult to fight against.

The second attachment deals with neoliberal/neoconservative effort to intensify the chaos and destruction of the Middle East, this time in Yemen.  It focuses on the frightening silence of Western media concerning the devastation being wrought on millions of innocent civilians by US surrogates Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates using American weapons, planes and aerial refueling capacity.  This is and has been for quite a long while an unconscionable operation aimed at supposed Iranian terrorism, which actually is virtually nonexistent in the current Middle East.  Almost all real terrorist activity is Saudi inspired Sunni groups such as al Qaeda and other similar groups.  These, of course, we fund and support while claiming to simultaneously be waging war against them.  It is the murderous height of hypocrisy at its very worst and it is all transpiring in our name and the blood of innocents is on our hands.



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