Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fwd: Excellent article on Debt

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From: John Hemington

Attached is a talk given by economist Dr. Michael Hudson at the Union Theological Seminary at Columbia in January including so commentary and questions by participants.  It is one of the best discussions of credit, debt, poverty I have yet seen.  It should be of particular interest to those Christian and Jewish believers who look to biblical scripture for guidance in living their lives.  But, in fact, it should be of interest to all who are concerned with the political and economic trends in today's world.  To quote from Dr. Hudson:  :  We're at a turning point in history.  If we don't solve the problem of economic polarization, which is caused mainly by debt, we're going to go into another dark age.  We're going to have neo-feudalism.  We're going to have neo-serfdom, except that you're not going to be tied to the land like serfs were.  Neoliberalism is the force driving us all toward this new dark age and some of those now in charge in this country truly believe that the wars of the end times are coming in this generation and are hoping to speed up their coming.  Everyone should be taking this with the utmost of seriousness as the future of the planet is at stake.


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