Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fwd: Changed my thinking

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From: John H

The attached post has caused me to rethink my position relative to what can best be termed 'Hillarycrats', not the DNC or the elitist leaders of the Democratic Party and the moneyed interests they represent, but those who supported Hillary and Obama in the past three elections.  I also was duped into voting for Obama and even voted for him a second time when I know full well that he misrepresented virtually everything he promised to do as president, but I could not do so for Hillary (I did not vote for Trump).  However, Anthony Dimaggio makes a very persuasive case that dissing Hillary supporters out of some so-called 'principle' is an almost certain route to failure in the effort to seek progressive change in this society.  It has essentially the same effect that Hillary's use of the term 'deplorables' to describe working folks who supported Trump.  If we can't find some way to unite against the power of the moneyed interests and their political lackeys, failure is almost assured. 

This means not just working with mainstream Democrats (not the political elitists), but also making alliances with rural working class folks who, after thirty years of being ignored and dissed by the Democratic Party, deserted the Party and supported Trump in this past election.  The simple fact is that no single group of us can accomplish anything acting alone or simply by focusing on 'identity politics'  where each siloed interest group acts as if their particular interest is the only one which matters.  This is just what our rulers want us to do.  Acting alone simply renders all of us politically impotent.  We must make every effort to achieve a significant level of solidarity and push from the bottom up to force the powers that be to change.  This will require that we, all of us, adopt new attitudes of the collective good, to support one another wherever we can and not fight over whose movement is more important – they all are.  It is only by acting together that we have any chance of achieving our goals.

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