Friday, April 21, 2017

Fwd: The present danger -- neoliberalism

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From: John H.

To be sure, we live in difficult and dangerous times – times when the forces of power-mad greed seem determined to do whatever is necessary to destroy the world and those in it just for their own acquisition of more power and more stuff.  It is a time when intentional ignorance is seen as a blessing and not a curse; when 'entertainment' is the chief source of knowledge; when service of the self is the highest form of art and accomplishment; a time, in short, where despair creeps ever closer to the surface and seems to call for political action.  But what kind of action can be raised against arrayed forces of neoliberalism?

The neoliberal mantra has come to dominate not just this nation but most of the developed world.  It is a pervasive monster which seeks to dominate all thought and action by rendering the populace incapable of thinking of anything but themselves and their own entertainment or, in far too many instances, their own survival.  The commons be damned, the market is all.  It is all-knowing and all-powerful, to be worshiped as a god of old.  Government exist only to protect the markets and market players (that is the powerful market players) alone.  Those who are not themselves winners in this market-take-all economy are deemed to be surplus – to be cast aside as unnecessary, and perhaps unfortunate, losers; but losers nonetheless, whose survival is of little or no concern of the state.

This is the system under which we have all been subsumed and must now fight our way out of if we are to survive as a viable people.  Henry Giroux offers some helpful suggestions in the first attachment – suggestions we should, I believe, take very seriously.  The second article asks a simple, but important, question – Why aren't Bernie Sanders style Democrats getting more support from Party leaders?  I think most of us know the answer, but it is critical to overcome this impediment if there is any hope for the existing electoral system to work for us in the near future.



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