Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fwd: Endless war and more

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From: John H

The two attachments document the futility of wars initiated by the United States for the past 15 or so years as well as the prospect for ever more, even more destructive wars to come.  In the second article Mike Whitney makes some assertions which many will have qualms about.  First of all, he fails to mention that the Korean 'Police Action' was initiated by an attack on South Korea by the North, which was joined by China when it appeared that the North was about to lose.  Second, he doesn't mention that North Korea is without question a despicable dictatorship, like other despicable dictatorships we claim to be overthrowing in the name of 'spreading democracy', even though no democracy seems to be forthcoming anywhere we have injected our military 'assistance'.  Virtually everything else in Whitney's article is accurate and unreported in the main stream media of the United States.  In this sense, North Korea has every reason to be terrified of the United States based on their experiences in the past.  So don't discount their desire for nuclear weapons as necessarily an aggressive move toward their neighbors.

There is a reason why the United States is viewed by most of the rest of the world as the primary threat to peace.  Even today U.S. Representative Adam Kinsinger, a Republican member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, acknowledged in an interview with CNN that the Russian military was simply no match for the American military.  This confirms Vladimir Putin's assertion that, in the event of a conflict with the United States, Russia would have no alternative but to resort to nuclear weapons.  Yet many U.S. politicians in both political parties and many high-ranking military personnel are determined to push the U.S. into just this sort of a conflict with both Russia and China.  This is, in my opinion, both a stupid and potentially catastrophic policy, similar to those which led to World War I in Europe.  Somehow the American people must wake up and realize our so-called allies in the Middle East are determined take us into arenas where any sensible person should be terrified to go.  Our desperate determination to rule the world will not produce any benefits for anyone other than war contractors and even those will be short-term and temporary.



  • Remind us how this ends
  • The problem is Washington, not North Korea

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