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Re: South Side Social Update

Hi Kitty & Others,

Great party last week.

Let's all go to the South Side's Oliver Bath House on Wednesday from 6:30 to 9 pm and make a showing at that Community asset and park space, a Citiparks facility.

Sadly, that pool is threatened with CLOSURE and as another point of sadness, the pool is CLOSED all summer when it could be a plce where we teach all the kids in the city how to swim well and play well with others. I would love to see the summer hours at the OBH be devoted to a series of ALL CITY SPORTS CAMPS where older Varsity Club student helpntonlead and instruct younger students anout swimmimg, aquatics, water polo and SKWIM.

Feel free to forward, especially as the National Drowning Prevention Alliance is in townnfor its annual educational meetings along with the inventor of SKWIM.


Coach Mark Rauterkus
108 S. 12th Street since 1990

Coach at PPS and recently coach of women's water polo at CMU.
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Introduction Clinics and Walk-up Games of SKWIM with game's INVENTOR on the evening of Wed., April 12, at Citiparks' Oliver Bath House

All citizens, lifeguards, coaches and physical education teachers in the city are invited to participate in introductory clinics and drop-in games of SKWIM with Kevin McCarthy, SKWIM's inventor, starting at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, April 12 at Pittsburgh's Oliver Bath House, Citiparks' historic indoor swim pool on the South Side at 10th Street.

SKWIM is a disk-based team game that can be played with fins in both shallow and deep water with swimmers of various ability levels and ages. Coach Mark Rauterkus has included SKWIM as a vital part of the aquatic efforts of teaching more than 1,000 city-youngsters to swim in recent years including those with Swim & Water Polo of Pittsburgh Public Schools Summer Dreamers. 

"With SKWIM, teamwork, sportsmanship and rule-following are easily stressed with initial interactions among students. But most of all, SKWIM is fun," says Coach Rauterkus. "Water safety, swim ability and fitness are reinforced with SKWIM play."

On April 12, the Oliver Bath House activities from 6:30 to 9 pm are devoted to the SKWIM clinics and scrimmages. Kevin McCarthy from the state of Washington and other local players are going to be present. Pittsburgh is also hosting an annual educational meeting of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance and the hope is to get some of those national experts to join in too.

A post-game social from 9 to 11 pm is also planned for the South Side home/office of Coach Rauterkus. 

Sign up in advance at Or, call 412-298-3432.

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Good morning!


It has been one week since 160 neighbors celebrated spring and the South Side community at the Spring Social. Steel Cactus donated its 2nd floor as well as very tasty food. Keys to the City provided music and Johno Prascak, Cindy Esser's Floral Shop, Philip Pelusi Salons and AMPD Group donated auction items.


Due to the commitment of the sponsors and guests, the evening raised $1,000 for Ormsby Park and $1,000 for South Side Park. The kind sponsors include: John J. Gmiter Funeral Home, Inc., Bruce Kraus, Copies on Carson, Jim AndrewDr. Bryan Boak, Charlene & Joe Colia, German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue PA, Inc,. Anna Marie Kijanka, New York Life Insurance Company, Betty & Bob Kripp, Tracy and Ken Kucera, Local,

Michele & Peter Margittai, Lois & Rick McClain, Metropolitan Cleaners, Rebecca Kichta Miller, Genealogist, Amy & Mike Mosallem, Mary & Nate Myles, Linda & Bob Nelson, Paul Pieffer, Perlora, Roberta Weissburg Leathers, Steel Cactus, South Side Community Council, The Homyak Law Firm, Twelve, Kitty Vagley & Jeff Neubauer and Frank Vitale. 


Thank you to all who supported this gathering. We are delighted that so many met lots of previously unknown neighbors! The next community-building event is scheduled for Saturday, September 16th. It will be a Neighborhood Street Party on 22nd Street alongside Ormsby Park. Mark your calendars please!

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