Monday, June 22, 2009

Convicted judge to keep his pension

Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh have serious pension problems.
Convicted judge to keep his pensionConvicted judge to keep his pension
The first thing to do when you need a real fix to a problem is to, "Lay The Shovel Down." Stop digging in the same hole.

These problems need to be fixed. The judge and all the others that screwed up should be without any pension. PERIOD.

Fix it.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

A retired Pennsylvania Superior Court judge will not forfeit his $82,000 annual pension for the insurance fraud that landed him in federal prison for 46 months.

The Pennsylvania State Employees' Retirement System has determined Michael Joyce's $440,000 insurance fraud conviction wasn't related to his public employment.

Mr. Joyce began serving his sentence at a minimum-security federal prison in West Virginia in April.

The 60-year-old Mr. Joyce was convicted in November of mail fraud and money laundering for allegedly exaggerating neck and back injuries to collect $440,000 in insurance claims stemming from a fender bender in August 2001.

Federal prosecutors are still seeking to forfeit Mr. Joyce's home because they say he used some of the money to pay for it.