Friday, June 12, 2009

Word on the street: Everyone is entitled to a vacation, by union rules

I had a long-distance conversation in Oakland with a buddy. We were talking over three or four lanes of traffic. I asked him where the mayor goes when he goes to the beach? Jersey? Outter Banks? The Dunes of Lake Michigan?

He replied, "He is entitled to a vacation. Everyone should get a vacation -- by union laws, blah, blah, blah. And, council needs to get to work.

Grant and I take a walk on Brighton Beach in Christchurch, NZ.
There is a long pier there where on could take a short walk.
From Mark Rauterkus

I posted at Bram's blog:

Folks, there is no way in hell that city council is going to come up with its own five year recovery plan. They members there took about 4 hours to decide if the mayor should be called to a meeting.

Bill Peduto wrote out a plan of sorts. But, council has not even talked about it.

And, council generally talks a lot before it thinks about it.

On Wed's meeting, it took council another hour or so just to delay a bill for 3 weeks. That was the one about the curfew center that the mayor had told people that it would be open by June 1.

Council has more drag than play. It is all about drag.

I'd love to be proven wrong, but then you start the speech by Rev. Ricky Burgess about getting to work and another two days is lost.


Council's ongoing failure to act is why OVERLORDS are in Pittsburgh. They've done nothing to merit the removal of the OVERLORDS to date.

Council finding a fix is not even a long shot.

Another favorite beach of ours is in Maine.
From beach Maine

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Anonymous said...

More the reason and a clear example of why one party rule does not work - city council exhibits that on a daily basis...