Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Part-time officers to help Braddock enforce curfew

Part-time officers to help Braddock enforce curfew Braddock Police Chief Frank DeBartolo said at last night's meeting that the department's five new part-time hires will allow police to better enforce curfew hours among youth and to increase their visibility in the community.
Chief DeBartolo said the department has hired five new officers in the past 45 days and the newest hire hit the streets last night. This puts his roster at 15 officers, allowing him to double the number of officers he has on some shifts to three to four officers per shift.
Braddock has lost eight part-time officers in the past year, some of whom were terminated and others who left the department after receiving other job offers.
What happens after the youth are arrested in Braddock? Are they sent to Gitmo? Do they spend time in the County Jail? Is there a drunk tank in Braddock?

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