Saturday, June 13, 2009

Parades in Pittsburgh

City of Champions Parade Idea blens with G-20
Hi folks,

I am thrusting an idea on you because you are THE movers and shakers who just happen to be in my address book (for better or for worse) - and who can make this parade idea happen...or not of course... Anyway, how about a "City of Champions Sports Parade" - ending up at Mellon Arena during the September G20 conference led by the Steelers and Pens and including all the college and scholastic winning teams (PIAA, WPIAL and right down to section winners from fall 2008-Summer 2009)?!

And if one wanted to make this the largest sports parade EVER - have 5 feeder parade routes (coming from the south hills, north hills, west hills, east hills) of amateur champion teams from Jr HS on down to little leaguers. This way my daughter's undefeated 7th grade girls Jefferson Middle School basketball team can finally get some well deserved and overdue recognition!!!

All could converge in Oakland with the big guys teams and head merrily down the Blvd into town.

That ought to fill the arena or Heinz field for that matter. Obama, Rooney and Luke and Dan could lead it and all the kings and queens and finance ministers could eat their hearts out!

and Mark (Cuban) ... if you pay for it...we'll give you the Pirates.

Buy now!

Larry Evans
I just posted on TWITTER the idea that in a cost saving measure, the Pens Victory Parade was conbined with Gay Pride Parade. I sorta like Larry's idea more.

But this isn't a 'parade' -- it is more of a 'march.' Well, it is a parade too.

Not only would the people of finance eat their hearts out, so too would the people of the world.

This could be done the weekend of the G-20. Or, it could be done one of the days or even the day after.

Perhaps it should be done with the Great Race?

Ideas welcome in the comments.


Anonymous said...

How about the post agenda being held outdoors during the parade. With the audience being so large what a tremenous civics lesson.

Anonymous said...

How many city council members where at todays parade?

Anonymous said...

were...opps...I'm thinking at least two...