Saturday, June 06, 2009

NCAA:Career Center plsts job: Assistant Swim Coach at GW

NCAA:Career Center: "Assistant Men's & Women's Swim Coach. The George Washington University. Men's and women's program needs an assistant swimming coach to assist the head swim coach. Ten month, part-time position with benefits beginning August 1 - May 31."

Is it too, too, too weird to apply for this swim coaching job just because Erik wants to go to and swim at G.W.? I think G.W. is the most expensive school in the nation, FWIW.

Meanwhile, I told my FB friends that I'm pissed that Western Illinois Univ cut both the mens and womens swim teams. I coached in Illinois. And, as a matter of fact, my wife and kids are in Illinois now -- but in Chicago. That news stinks.

I think I'd rather coach, in a virtual fantasy world, at GW rather than in WV Salem. But, being head coach is a plus. Dive would be about the same - be it 3 or 2 hours from Pittsburgh.

Back to the real world. If you need a job, you might consider this one with Duquesne Univ.

NCAA:Career Center: "Assistant Director,Athletic Development"

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