Thursday, June 25, 2009

There can't be school on the days of the G-20 event in Pittsburgh, can there?

What is the deal with school days on and around the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh. I'm wondering. Is anyone going to give any insights?

Will it be off for the entire week of the G-20?

Will it be off for only the two days, Thursday and Friday?

Last year as China hosted the Beijing Olympics and the Paralympics -- all school was off for more than a month. The schools didn't meet. However, the universities were open for dorm space for the students so that they could be doing informal studies and working as 'volunteers.'

A day or two after the Olympics ended, the Para Games and Athletes were in town too. So, it was a double header for them as well.

Pittsburgh Public School officials should make the decisions NOW and get the word out so schedules can be understood.

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Anonymous said...

Is there any reason for school not to be in session for those days? Any word that PPS is considering canceling school?