Saturday, April 21, 2018

Fwd: And the beat goes on as Israel kills more defenseless Palestinians

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From: John H

The criminal cabal that is the Israeli government continues its massacre of defenseless Palestinians who are peacefully protesting their continued confinement is the world's largest outdoor concentration camp known as Gaza, while the criminal cabal that is the United States continues to act as an aider and abettor of these continuing crimes against international law and human rights.  It is an ongoing outrage which we, the American people, are complicit.  It is a time to cry out in shame and anger until these criminals are brought to justice.   

As an aside, Donald Trump appears tonight to have accomplished something that no other American president has ever managed to do.  Kim Jong Un has agreed to end his missile testing and nuclear testing program and close his nuclear test site in exchange for a meeting with Trump and a commitment from South Korea to have two separate nations on the Korean Peninsula.  All this because an American president agreed to sit down and talk with him – something no other U.S. president has been willing to do.  It seems that all the North Koreans wanted all along was to be recognized as a nation and not to be threatened with destruction and extinction.  Much remains to be accomplished and it could all still blow up with Trump at the negotiation table, but it's a better start than we have ever had before.



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