Tuesday, April 10, 2018

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What do cryptographers in Egypt, cyberviolence experts in Canada, open-source developers in Brazil, journalists in Afghanistan, and AI watchdogs in the United States have in common?

Mozilla's 2018 Internet Health Report is ready!

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Hey Mark,

If you're reading this, you're one of the nearly 50% of people in the world on the internet. That also means 50% of the world's population still isn't online.

Surprised by that? Were you surprised that up to 87 million people on Facebook had their data used by Cambridge Analytica for partisan political purposes without their knowledge?

Technology is advancing so fast that it's hard to get a handle on the opportunities and challenges. People feel vulnerable to 'fake news' and online security threats everyday. All the while, shoes can order pizza, and artificial intelligence helps doctors diagnose disease outbreaks faster than ever. The health of the internet is not just a technical issue, it's a human one.

Just how healthy is our internet? Check out the 2018 Internet Health Report.

Through data, research and stories we show how the internet is evolving. What does 'security' mean in a world where our phones, watches, cars, and vacuums are all online? What is driving the onslaught of fake news? How big is 'too big' when it comes to tech giants?

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For everyone who is trying to make the digital world better, we hope the 2018 Internet Health Report will help inform and inspire.

Thank you,

Solana Larsen
Editor, Internet Health Report
Mozilla Foundation



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