Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Penn Hills Baseball - Team photos

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First year of organized baseball. One game I made all three outs in the same inning. Our team was up at bat. I played second base and was jazzed that we were winning by so much. Then we took the field and my team mate, Kevin, (middle of the photo) revealed that obscure stat to me on my at-bat performance that past inning.

Orange team. 

I think we went with colors as the team name. I stayed, by choice, in farm league. Our teams always had a lot of double plays.

Back row: Timmey, Frankie, McBunney, Mr. Will.
Middle row: Maxwell, Me (Mark Rauterkus), Danny Anderson, Janokaweki, Higgins.
Front row: Dave Cioca, Duffu, Garry, P. Beraradino, M. Beraraino (brothers I guess). Spelling unsure. Source is scribble on back of photo.


Back row: Mr. Finn on back left, then me, Mark Rauterkus, ? George Boyle, Dan Anderson, Terry Flaherty.
Middle row:
Front row:


Back row: Coach ?, me, Mark Rauterkus, ?, Timmy Meyers, Coach, Coach.
Middle row: Tommy, Jan B, Randy R, Binywild, Sammy.
Front row: Straw, Kevin, Joey, Mark Kucher, ?, ?

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