Monday, April 30, 2018

Lifeguard shortage and more

Citiparks needs 50 additional lifeguards and the summer season is here.

Guards needed at The Pittsburgh Project and elsewhere too. 

This lifeguard shortage stinks. I want to step up and help to shift the tide. 

#1. I can help as a catalyst so we can have LIFEGUARDS (and junior lifeguards / friends) march in the Pittsburgh LABOR DAY PARADE. This should be a joint effort. It can be an event we promote all summer and be a capstone celebration for the end of a SAFE SUMMER and a reminder for the kids to get certified in the winter for working in future summers. 

Our presence in the parade should be early in the lineup so that our people can depart downtown in time to get back to their work sites at the region's various swim pools. Monday of Labor Day weekend is a workday for most who work at outdoor pools. 

How do we get onto the agenda for the parade marshalls? 
Can Citiparks be the "sponsor?" 

#2. I am doing other PR efforts on my end too. Email blast. Website. Social networking. They are also behind the curve for hiring at The Pittsburgh Project. But there, with the guest house, we can supply room and board for those interested in working here. We may need to import some workers for TPP, local pools and Citiparks. With our opportunities to play in a college water polo match and coach kids water polo in the summer, we can make efforts to recruit potential employees to college swim and water polo teams. 

#3. A digital badge to bestow to kids (and adults) who pass the Pre Lifeguard Swim Test is also available and being made ready for much wider deployments. Mindshare. Planting the seed of the idea to do the Nobel work as a guard in due time. 

#4. More can happen in 2019 as I get a focus upon a bigger role at The Pittsburgh Project. How about a Nipper Camp and Lifeguard Games? 

#5. I am going to Seattle to speak on Tuesday with Kevin at the Washington Recreation and Parks Association conference. Title of talk: For Water Safety, the name of the game is SKWIM. 

#6. Let's also make a local water safety booster group, among friends. A few have been BCCed. Perhaps I can host a monthly conference call that turns into a podcast resource. 

Thanks for all you do. 

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