Saturday, April 07, 2018

Quora: Q about other games for soccer players

Water polo a bit, if you are up for it. But the best suggestion is a new sport and game for the water with a special aquatic disk. Google SKWIM.

First, the water is a great setting for fitness.

Second, SKWIM is played with a short, rounded fin. It is great for leg strength, flexibility, stamina, and even core work. Legs matter greatly.

Third, passing, defense in passing lanes, keeping, transitions, strikers and play around the pitch is more like soccer with SKWIM. Team handball and water polo are different where everyone advances deep into the offensive zone.

Fourth, SKWIM is a social, quick, visual game where non verbal clues, body position and fakes with some tricks are effective. It isn't a power game as it is more for touch and feel.
Fifth, like soccer SKWIM is a no contact game. Also like Ultimate, but in the water.

Six, On the water, like on the turf, but not soaring over head, is SKWIM. PASSING need to go between players on the same team after a touch or skim on the water, not air-to-air. The height of the game of SKWIM is more soccer and hockey like.

Seven, SKWIM goals are large, as are soccer's, but it fits into a wide variety of swim pool and open water settings. Likewise soccer. The ball and a wall and the number of games seems to be only left to imagination. Likewise the water and a SKWIM disk. Shoot into a gutter, end zone, floating island goal, whatever. We call it a SLOT STYLE format when it plays more like soccer or "air hockey. " The free play elements are similar between the games.

Lastly, the ethics and personal values of SKWIM are worthy of noting as teamwork, loyalty, and especially water safety, are not to be ignored and discounted. Everyone needs to have the ability to swim so as to save self or else a friend or child around the water. Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death among kids and adolescents, especially boys and especially people of color and of economic disadvantages.

So, consider SKWIM as the best world-wide game for in the water that makes a warm embrace for soccer players in aquatic recreational times. 

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