Sunday, April 01, 2018

Fwd: The coming nuclear war with Russia

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From: John H

Ready or not we Americans are facing an imminent possibility of nuclear war.  This should not be an idle fear for this nation as forces in our national security, military and political institutions are racing headlong in an effort to both demonize Russia and to force it into an untenable corner both politically and militarily.  Russia has very clearly spelled out that it will only be pushed so far before it has no choice but to retaliate with the only military option it has to compete with the U.S. and NATO – that is nuclear weapons.  This is made clear in the two attachments to this e-mail.  The first is another excellent analysis by Jim Kavanagh (The Polemicist) which I heartedly encourage everyone to read in full.  The second by Brian Cloughley is also highly pertinent to what is now very much on our collective doorstep. 



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