Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Fwd: There was no gas attack in Douma, Syria

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From: John H
Robert Fisk is perhaps the best and most knowledgeable journalist operating in the Middle East in this or any other time.  His incredible coverage of the Iran-Iraq War, documented in his masterpiece of on-the-scene journalism, The Great War for Civilization:  The Conquest of the Middle East, 2005, Alfred A. Knopf, stands alone in the annals of wartime journalism.  He lives in Lebanon and speaks fluent Arabic and Hebrew.  Fisk was one of the few Western journalists to have travelled to Douma following the alleged gas attack where he interviewed a doctor who was there at the time and numerous residents who were also there all of whom said that there was no gas attack as reported by the New York Ad agency funded 'White Helmets' which is a group notorious for spreading anti-Assad propaganda in league with the U.S. and Britain.

Attached are two articles, the first by Robert Fisk and the second concerning his article, please read them both, they are not long.  It is high time that Americans recognize that it has been our government, in league with the government of Britain, which has been fomenting and expanding efforts to spread anti-Assad propaganda as part of our demonization of Russia project.  There is little doubt that Assad is not a particularly nice guy, but his government has been fighting a civil war against terrorists, most of whom are not Syrian nationals, who have been funded and directly supported by the U.S., Britain and France at the behest of Israel.  We in the West are the ones consistently violating international laws and norms far more grievously than Assad and the Russians have ever done in Syria.  Under longstanding international law, Syria, Russia and Iran are acting lawfully in Syria.  We are the ones spreading terror, horror and devastation across the Syrian nation – and the time has come for the American people to stand up and reject what is and has been done in our names in that devastated nation.


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