Sunday, August 10, 2003

Another entry into the FAQ of being open

Question: Can we really expect more of them (UUA) than we demand (in terms of openness) of ourselves?

If the ourselves is meant to be me, personally, then I'd say that I demand more openness with myself than I expect from my denomination. But, I'm overboard and an advocate for being more open.

If ourselves is meant to be my local congregation -- then I would say that I demand openness on both fronts equally to the best extent of my power.

Furthermore, I think that the question is a bit of a red herring. Yes, we CAN demand more of our organizations than of our indiduals. A person has rights -- including that of privacy. Meanwhile, an organization, much like a corporation, has no rights unless they are granted from the collective of individuals. I don't put corporations nor organizations onto the same status as an individual human. So, the charter to operate and run the non-profit service organization should be held to a higher level of "openness" than that of an individual. Perhaps it is fair to say that the more the organization is with power in its capacity -- then the more prudent it is to insist upon its openness of operation.

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