Monday, August 11, 2003

Re: Cutbacks will affect all aspects of city life

Nice post Russ.

c) continue to pay employees with little responsibility

Right. It's called "management" and "supervision." There is little of that going on. Performance evaluations. Honesty is nice to have on hand too. Frankly, there is a good deal of dead weight. Furthermore, the system is so ridgid that the deadness can be covered and protected. Plus, there is no sense of ownership so as to be free to fix things and rock the boat a bit.

People who raise issues are tossed out.

I think we need a whistle-blower achievement attitude. We don't need to do silly kickbacks and bonus money to employees who SAVE money -- up to 10% -- as per Gene R's absurd measure (now tabled). But, we need to set new attitudes.

There is a time to make lemon-aid -- so to speak. That time could be now in terms of Recreation and Aquatics. These are areas I LOVE and understand with professional experiences.

The majority of the swim pools are closed and the others may close forever too. However, we can re-open them when we are good and ready and when we have a real viable plan that includes some being privatized, all being overhauled with programming. We have to pull our own weight. But, we can do so, so, so much better than what was being done.

Get this: The AQUATICS TASK FORCE was a JOKE -- like everything else this administration has tried to do and failed, (Fifth & Forbes Downtown Collaborative, etc.)

Frankly a few others are fired up about this. I hope to get others joining in the cause.

Planning meeting: Monday, August 11 at 6 pm.
Community meeting: Tuesday, Aug. 12, at 6:30 pm.

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