Monday, August 11, 2003

Letter to the Wireless Neighborhoods - delivered in person

Wireless Neighborhood Participants and Organizations

Dear Friends of Technology and Neighborhoods,

I'm hosting a few meetings and would love to get your support and help in the promotions.

Monday, August 11, 6 pm, open planning meeting at Armstrong Park on 12th Street, South Side. Bring your own lawn chair.

Tuesday, August 12, 6:30 pm, OPEN Community Meeting at Armstrong Park. Bring your own lawn chair.

Essay contest for 9-11 begins this week. Details to be posted at CLOH.Org

On Thursday, September 11 from 10 to noon, Idea Session 07 concerning the pending YOUTH Technology Summit is slated for the east end in conjunction with a fatherhood event.

A Community Unity event starts at 8 pm on Thursday, September 11 at Club Cafe, 85 South 12th Street. High level offiicals as well as a recent songwriter of the year are expected. See http://S6.CLOH.Org. S6 =3D Sports,

Spirit and Soul Song and Story Summit.

In the months to come, the S6 event series can be constructed to raise money for technology and the co-op. I still want to talk with the finance committee about this.

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