Monday, August 11, 2003

Urgent Meetings & Community Unity & Calling ALL Musicians

> thanks mark.
> i think you should have the names, addresses and phone numbers of all
> Allegheny county state representatives and senators available for those
> attending so that they can write to them urging that the house/senate
> adopt the state budget with provisions that will provide the City with
> additional funds.
> i really think the focus ought to be on our state legislators who have
> taken a backseat position on the city's fiscal problems. i would be more
> than happy to draft a "sample letter" if you like.
> thanks again.
> john burke

Better yet.... Can you draft the letter and then bring 40 copies? Can you get the list of contacts as well?

I'm swimming upstream at the moment and could use the involvement of some others. I'll be sure to give you the floor to make some statements.

But personally, I don't feel that the state should bail out Pittsburgh until AFTER Mayor Tom Murphy and his administration resigns. We can't fix Pittsburgh with him at the helm. Too, too many closed door meetings and lies. His policies are wrongheaded too.

If URA officials came out to the neighborhoods now -- it won't be smooth sailing. In a few more weeks, it will be worse if nothing is done on your part as far as measured responses to grass roots folks.

The URA is going to need to get out of its comfort zone. We'll need to privatize the facilities and you'll need to scrap things and shine a light on other issues that are more essential. When we change directions -- and that might need to occur a number of times -- the URA is going to be nimble or else tossed overboard.

How many properties did the URA purchase around the now closed indoor city ice rink on the South Side behind S.S. Hospital. What ones?

The folks in the URA office are going to need to do more. For example: re-install the brand new bubble at the tennis courts in Mellon Park this October -- and run those courts at a profit. Your desks can shift to the trailer out there.

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