Monday, August 11, 2003

Editorial -- I love a challenge

> i think we should stay away from strictly opinion articles. i think getting the editoral collective to agree on any one opinion would be quite a feat
> :).

Hi All,

Okay, I love a challenge. I'll bite.

Editorial theme: The Mayor's Administration needs to resign.

Pittsburgh's healing can not occur until after Tom Murphy and his cronies move themselves to the private sector.

Many in the rank-and-file of both the police and EMS forces are talking of resignation. The Firefighters hold a lynch-pin too. However, this option is only getting mimimal play in the press.

The unions can't back the incumbants any longer. The same-old methods are history. It is going to take all of this city, working together, to make significant changes.

As soon as the upheaval occurs, then folks in Harrisburg will spare some relief for the city's crisis. But, the real cruching is yet to occur. The city leaders on Grant Street have NOT tightened the belt to spending in 2003 as hundreds of thousands in the budget were spent in June on such things as "decorative lighting."

The Tom Murphy ploy for saving $6.5 million on the day he shed a tear and went to the Springstein concert at PNC was just the first drop in the bucket. The necessary amount is $60 million. In 2004 the amount of the gap is $80 million.

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Could I work on an editorial article such as the one hinted above?
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