Sunday, August 10, 2003

Cutbacks will affect all aspects of city life

Hi Russ,

> Well Wendell, if you can raise a few million dollars to back my candidacy for mayor of this backward city, I can assure you that MANY things would change around here, all for the better.

But short of those millions, I thikn it'll be the same old sad story around here. :/

I beg to differ. (PUN intended)

You don't need to spend a few million to get a $90+K per year job.

Both Bob O' and Tom M spent about $35 per vote in 2001 -- just in election efforts.

They both spent dearly in terms of stadiums, "neighborhood needs" (WAM, i.e., Walking Around Money), and other city-funded buy-offs for votes as well.

Face it, to get someone to vote for you on election day costs $0. Face it again -- who would vote for someone who leveraged a life's fortune (or many life fortunes) to get a job that pays <$100k?

The next Mayor's race isn't going to be like the last one if I have anything to say about it.

Let's NOT set up a prior assumption that you need a FEW MILLION to run for mayor -- or else it will be the same old story. I have more hope that that and will be even more outspoken when others around here soil our shared well of democracy.

So, do you care to re-state what you think so it can be unraveled in more specific ways?

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