Monday, August 11, 2003

Re: great article on political courage

Thanks for your note. I forwarded your email to my editors.

You are welcome. But, Brad, you are going to have to take some 'ownership' of this if it is to work.

Jon Delano can't do it. Mr. Scaife can't, nor can Paul O'Neill, IMHO. We need a trusted media voice to come into town on a white horse -- or a pipped pipper -- or an angel -- whatever.

Perhaps a guy such as Mark Single could help and partner with you and State Senator Jane Earll. You three, together with a CMU Professor and myself -- and we've got a full house of LEADERS to CALL for an ALL-SECTOR, Sustainable, SUMMIT about PITTSBURGH.

As per the CMU prof, leave out Richard Florida for now, please. How about Peter Shane? Or, the guy who co-lead the Pgh 21 task force was in my home last week? He was the COO of Heinz. He might be that bench strength we need as a sixth man.

Give Mark Single my cell phone #, 412-298-3432.

Too bad Joe Paterno didn't retire last year. He'd be perfect for fixing Pittsburgh's ills. :)

(but really..... I'm serious.)

I'll leave you alone now -- but look below for my latest EMAIL Blast that went out to 5,000 + contacts.

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