Monday, August 11, 2003

Great article on political courage

Great article today on the political courage to alleviate the crisis.

Hi Brad,

I'm in the streets. I talk to many and go to lots of meetings. The first thing we need to do in Pittsburgh is rescue the truth. We might need to do a revival of the truth as it has been lost for some years now. But, --- we can't let truth be slashed again and again now that the jobs are being cut as well.

To do this -- truth revival -- we need a lot of heavy lifting in the media as well as in person.

Mostly the PG, but on rare times the Trib too, the real story isn't being told, and it is riddled with holes or fibs. But the call is for HEAVY lifting. This isn't just about great newspaper coverage -- it is much, much more.

If the TRIB's executives and reporters were to take this issue on like a bull by the horns -- I'd be willing to help. Pittsburgh would be much, much better off. And, frankly, it is going to take someone like yourself -- Brad -- to do this. You come into the scene from Harrisburg. You don't have much poitical dead weight around you. You have more of a global view. We need a trusted figure to take on this quagmire for a six-month challenge. And, all the resources of the company would need to enter into the fray -- with a host of other partners.

To start:

We need a week's worth of citizen summits to really vent. We need video cameras. We need lots of coverage every day. We need to get the unions and the rank-and-file there.

Joe King of the Fireman's union is part of the problem. Same too with the FOP brass. A big split in the FOP is present. But mostly, truth is getting hijacked. The citizens don't know 1/10 of what they need to know. And, the citizens are still very aware of what is going on. The citizens are sorta smart and can smell the stench from the Mayor's office.

To continue:

We'd need to have NIGHTLY meetings. We'd go INTO the closed REC Centers around town on a day-by-day basis. We'll need to be engaging, open and tireless.

I would like to partner with you, Brad, and the TRIB so as to hold a business / editorial meeting in Pittsburgh with all of your power brokers.

Pittsburgh has to heal. It's long term health is at the brink. And, we need to take charge and monitor the truth. Lies are not allow. For half-truths to be spoken -- then we need to document them and challenge them. Sadly, the miss-info occurs and occurs and occurs again. Closed door meetings are NOT going to allow for the fixes and the healings.

My vision is for a massive dance with and among the public. All sectors. A real "grass-roots summit." And, it has to go on and on for weeks and months.

If you can get an editorial board meeting and allow me to challenge you all with these ideas for some such venture --- let me know.

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