Sunday, February 26, 2006

Business as usual? -

Honeymoon. JSM makes a case that what I call a honeymoon might be ending.
Business as usual? - Everyone wishes O'Connor well. Yet even some of O'Connor's supporters already are grumbling that the man who ran as the 'business' mayor is looking a lot more like the 'business-as-usual' mayor.
I do think that time has been wasted. But, O'Connor has done okay in getting that 'dream team.'

The next key to the dream team is the 9th member of city council. If it is one just like O'Connor, or just like what we used to have -- then that hope for change goes down the drain.

Hooking O'Connor's fate to a hockey arena -- well -- say it ain't so media pundit. Because O'Connor is NOT kissing up to the hockey arena thing is proof enough that this is NOT business as usual. Murphy already built two new stadiums and a convention center that will never be used to its full capacity. We don't need another mayor to build massive things that then act like anchors to our public life.

The arena, now, is simply a distraction. Talk of the arnea takes the eye off the puck (or ball) to what really matters around here. Pittsburgh is more than a bunch of professional sports spectators.

Bob told the Pens to "Think Again." Wonderful.

Bob told the Pens, he has some more pressing things to handle, like the budget. Fine. Now Bob needs to move on those areas, then we'll re-measure his honneymoon and his team's effect on change -- or not.

The arena proposal is not O'Connor's Waterloo! I'm certain of that, despite what Pens fans and Mario might think.

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