Sunday, February 19, 2006

Falbo projects fall behind in paying tax

Great reporting by Rich Lord, again.
Falbo projects fall behind in paying tax: "Falbo projects fall behind in paying tax
Key developer urging patience over $533,000 that he owes

By Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

On First Avenue, there's a hole in the ground that represents Pittsburgh's dream of turning Downtown into a neighborhood.

Four miles away in Brighton Heights, there's a weedy lot that epitomizes the recurring nightmare of tax delinquency and neighborhood stagnation.

Both are the work of Ralph A. Falbo, 68, of Squirrel Hill, a determined developer and reluctant taxpayer. A builder of scores of subsidized homes for low-income families and the elderly, he has emerged as an important player in Downtown redevelopment, even while delaying or not paying $533,000 in city, school district and county property taxes, according to records.
This is why some people don't want to have open and transparent government. I do. I helped to fight for the property records to be posted upon the county's web site, for all to see, even that of judges.

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