Friday, February 17, 2006

Tech Companies Grilled by U.S. House in terms of China's demands

Sparks flew in a crowded courtroom as House Representatives demanded explanations from technology giants Yahoo, Microsoft, Cisco and Google in their involvements with China. After taking heavy fire from concerned Democrats and Republicans for their adherence to China's restrictions on free speech, representatives from each company faced hours of grueling questioning.

Representatives Chris Smith (R-NJ) and Tom Lantos (D-Ca) were among the most passionate speakers against the corporations. They criticized the companies for allowing China to censor their own Web searches and content. House members asserted that by giving in to China's regulations, the companies were furthering social oppression and totalitarian principles.

Only one Representative, Adam Smith (D-Wa) defended the companies, saying that blame should be focused more on the Chinese government itself, and that withholding Internet business from the country would not ultimately change Chinese policies. Company representatives whistled a tune similar to their previous reactions over the past several weeks, claiming that it was better for Chinese citizens to have censored information as opposed to no information at all.

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