Monday, February 20, 2006

My Friend in Nebraska.... Got the ticket?

Okay, who do you know in Nebraska? That's where the winning lottery ticket was purchased.

The news on the radio this week said you'd have a much better chance of dating a super model than getting the winning lotto ticket. Since I'm married, I have a better chance of knowing the winner than dating a super model. And, since we are all networked, let's see who I know in the Cornhusker state, just for fun.

First, of course, we all know Steve P -- the former Pitt AD who nuked Pitt Stadium, the Pitt Script and went to the place where they have N on the helmets, to stand for Knowledge. But, he isn't going to spread any love my way if he should win.

But, years ago I coached a gal in Peoria who then went on to get a college swim scholarship at Nebraska. Jennifer B. - 2003-2004 Journal Star Players of the Year: "In her high school debut on Sept. 5, Swearingen recorded a 53.89 in the 100-yard freestyle. The performance shattered Jenny Bauernfeind's 18-year-old Pekin school record (54.18) and a two-year-old Pekin pool standard set by Southern Illinois University sophomore and Normal U-High graduate Kelsey Kinsella (53.95).
Nice to see that her swim team record was still around for 18-years after her (our) departure. She swam faster than that as a club swimmer. Always just hung on as a high school kid -- hungry to get back to the real program, (wink, wink). Well, that was a long time ago.

Too bad about the results in the state finals, Miss Swearingen. And, the 20-year-old record in the 50 free was nuked too. Way to go on that as well! I love to see old records fall.

Well, a quick Google search couldn't find K.B. I think she became a M.D. I don't think she still lives in Nebraska. But, I did notice that her younger sister, Kara, has her 100 IM time as an 11-12 year old, that is still ranked 85th all time best in the USA. Here time was 1:01.43 from 1987.

Another known Cornhusker is Tom C -- a boss of Speech at Childrens. He and his wife, another Ph.D., reside in Pittsburgh, for now. They are moving to Dallas soon. But, since he's moving from Pittsburgh, its like he's dead to me. ;) And, I don't think he was home to buy the golden ticket, but he might know who did. Humm.... When's Easter?

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