Friday, February 24, 2006

chill, wait, double fallback, could, should,

Those words don't sound like the words of hockey.
Penguins will wait out slots process - The county and city continue to discuss an alternate plan, O'Connor said. They could release details by late March.
'We all want the same thing,' he said. 'We want the Penguins to stay here, and we want a multipurpose arena.'
Onorato's spokesman Kevin Evanto called the Plan B a 'double fallback position.'
'If we lose the team because there's not an alternate plan, then people are going to come unglued because of that,' he said.
Evanto encouraged Penguins supporters to lobby the other casino applicants to include money for an arena in their plans.
What became of grinding it out? Pass, shoot, block, counter-attack. Change lines. Do it again. There is political football -- why not political hockey. A hockey game in the political relm is desired instead of our politicians, dear sports franchises and upstart casino bidders playing a game of chicken with eventual lawyering on the sidelines.

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