Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Some say Montessori move 'slap in face' - PittsburghLIVE.com

What do you want? Choices: a slap in the face, or a kick in the teeth? Or, how about a slug in the gut? Call it what you want -- but let's get past the insults and figure out what's what already.
Some say Montessori move 'slap in face' - PittsburghLIVE.com Under a revised plan released earlier this month, the school would be renamed Pittsburgh Montessori and moved to Friendship, and Lemington Elementary would be closed. Fifth- through eighth-graders from Lincoln-Lemington and Homewood would attend school in Montessori's current home, the Belmar building.
The Montessori program is a great asset for our city school district. Sadly, the program has been without all the support it really needs to stay true to its mission with its different academic focus. The staff training has been weaker than it has needed to be. The supplies have not been kept in working condition -- for 25 years.

Here is another great example where we have had a fumble in terms of on-going stewardship.

The Montessori program in the Pgh Public Schools needs a boost from within the district.

The move to Friendship might make a splendid fit for the greater good of the city.

Perhaps we should move a second Montessori program into Friendship and keep another one in the existing location.

The ALAs (buzz talk for Advanced Learning Academys) is a new style of educational flavor that is about to start in September 2006 in ten elementary schools in the Pgh Public School District. Well, the Montessori brand is already a specialized school that is within our landscape now that acts much like these ALAs are to in the future. The benefits are the same when looking at the global district views.

But, now, the tinker phase.

I wish I could have been to the school board meeting tonight. When is it on TV? How did it go down? Feedback welcomed.

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