Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My League of Young Voters statement

Focus on freedom, liberty and justice for all favors everyone, not specific cronies nor constituents from single demographics.

All benefit with: Bike lanes on streets; Trust in democracy; Annual Youth Technology Summits; Day-cares and Preschools; Subsidized housing for poor (not rich); and Graduate housing at Pitt's "River Campus" in Hazelwood.

In-fill-parking treatments in established neighborhoods make more sense than subsidized garages on Second Ave.

I'll deed city-owned properties to college juniors and post-grads as bonus scholarships to encourage home-ownership and roots to Pittsburgh past graduation.

Cutting taxes, (i.e., the deed-transfer-tax) helps young home buyers.

Expect kayaks in Panther Hollow, under lights, a marathon, and community fitness to give urban participants goals to shoot at and for, not each other with guns.

My tech interactions push fairness, transparency, engagement and open-source solution building. Give input at Platform.For-Pgh.org/wiki.

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