Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Parking authority rehiring angers union

When you don't have much in terms of campaign cash, it is easy to not over-promise jobs to campaign supporters. So this is a headache I've been able to avoid, by design or by sheer bad luck.

I also devote a lot of my time talking about kids and talking about freedom. Both of those pursuits are low-budget items and not what could be called, "cash businesses" like "parking meters." The meat that goes with meters doesn't meet when talking about kids and freedom. My "meat" of my message looks to be vegan in terms of kickbacks and "pork."
Parking authority rehiring angers union Mr. Stenger and his wife own two houses, one in Brentwood, and one on the South Side Flats. The Brentwood house, which they bought in 1990 for $78,000, has a county property tax break available only to owner-occupied homes. The South Side home, which they bought in 2004 for $5,000, does not have a homestead exemption, and is rented out.
Since 2004, Mr. Stenger has been registered to vote at a second Flats address, owned by a family member.
'[H]e lives in South Side. That's the address that's on his driver's license,' Mr. Onorato said. 'If [Mr. Stenger] didn't qualify, we wouldn't have hired him.'

I do talk a good deal about the parking authority, as in its liquidation.
At least I get a lead on a local voter.

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