Thursday, April 02, 2009

Audit says Allegheny County sewer fixes could cost $21 billion

Is there any indication that these guys know what they are talking about other than a big cost to a government authority?
Audit says Allegheny County sewer fixes could cost $21 billion 'You should be aware that in the future, your sewerage bill is probably going to cost more than your water bill,' said Mr. Flaherty, adding that the amount of funding the authority needs over the next 15 years will be 'the largest municipal project ever undertaken in our area.'
The root of the problem isn't the what we flush -- our sewerage. No.

The problem is the rain water run off that mixes with the same pipes as what was flushed. In times of a downpour -- you don't want to be at the edge of the river unless you want to see brown trout and worse.

We need to catch more water in times of rain. We need a real awareness of wet weather management -- by land owners, rate payers, citizens and environmental do-gooders too.

Frankly, we need leadership.

Sadly, we've got bean counters in the controller's office and hacks on the authority boards.

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