Thursday, April 02, 2009

View from the BurghChair: April Fools Is On Us

View from the BurghChair: April Fools Is On Us: "Since it's all a joke, on this April Fool's Day I found it appropriate to write about Pittsburgh's Campaign Finance and Ethics Reforms. I just can't stand it any more. Both issues are hugely important and indeed are related to each other. Like conjoined twins, one cannot exist without the other."
My comments:

America isn't the land of the level playing field. Rather it is the land of the free.

A level playing field means that the rich will have better tools to launder money. That's it. Don't fool yourself. Money laundering isn't what we want to teach and promote with our candidates -- so that when they get elected that are even better at it.

Access to politicians does NOT hinge upon campaign donations. Well, that isn't the only key. Those who are elected that don't return phone calls are generally not re-elected -- else they get jobs in the courts.

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