Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Constitutional experts seem all the rage

Constitutional experts seem all the rage Constitutional experts seem all the rage
By Reg Henry, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
One of my colleagues -- herself both an editor and a member of the bar (the legal bar and not the type of bar other journalists have been known to prop up) -- remarked the other day that suddenly every Joe in the country has become an authority on the Constitution.
It is true. Oddly, the people who now care passionately about the Constitution didn't seem to think much about it previously, excepting, of course, the Second Amendment, which they considered the whole constitutional shooting match.
This is such BS.
Many of us have cared a great deal about the Constitution for a long, long time.

Meanwhile, Tonya Payne doesn't care for the Constitution. She said so. Bruce Kraus didn't even know that candidates who win elected office are there to uphold the constitutions (Federal, State and City Charter). So, there are plenty out there who are NOT fans of the constitution too. Sadly, those in the dark about the importance of the constitution and justice have been winning too many elections in Pittsburgh for far too long.

To say everyone, as Reg does, is prue BS.

And to say those who care about the bedrock law of the land only care about the 2nd amendment is a joke too.

We Libertarians didn't slept the sleep of the innocent in the Bush times. Far from it.

Watchdogs have been in a slumber for many years, locally, Reg. I've stated that countless times, Reg.

I hate eminent domain -- but the PG digs it. We don't need to go over all the times you got it wrong.

Okay, let me hold your hand. The Constitution, of course, does not specifically mention a federal role in health care. How could it? With another amendment. If health care should become a "right" -- then it should be put into the Constitution. The Constitution is a living document. If it needs to be changed, let's bring on that discussion. That's how, Reg.

Reg, even the logic in your article misses the mark. Congress is given the power "to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes." But big business is not a foreign nation, nor several states nor a Indian tribe. Reg, think again.

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