Sunday, April 25, 2010

Open East End Panel says Site selection for Pittsburgh Obama should be reopened to consider new information. (Part 3 of many)

Background History: The DeJong consultant recommended that the IB school remain at Reizenstein rather than move to Peabody.  The reasoning behind this decision is unclear. The District’s IB site selection committee made its recommendation to move the IB program to the Peabody facility almost a year prior to and without the benefit of the DeJong study. Given that the district paid $500,000 for this study the panel recommends that the district utilize it fully and explain the reasoning behind the Reizenstein recommendation.

Suggestions: In light of new information and experience, the district should bring together all interested parties including the original IB Site Selection Committee; DeJong consultants, current students, staff and administrators; and other interested citizens to determine a location for Pittsburgh Obama.

The absence of natural light at Peabody could be a factor in whether families would choose to send their children to school at the Peabody location.  More than a month ago PPS Board director and OEEP member Mark Brentley submitted a request for information on the cost of adding windows to the Peabody facility but has not received this information.

(We're all still waiting.)

Any renovations that have been considered for the Obama school at Peabody and at Reizenstein and the cost of such renovations should be disclosed before a decision on the location for the school is reached.

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