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Fwd: Steel-City Stonewall Democrats

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Pittsburgh, PA - For Immediate Release – SCSD 2010 Pennsylvania
Primary Endorsement Results

Steel-City Stonewall Democrats ("SCSD") held its annual Endorsement
Event on March 28th at the Hyde Park restaurant on the Northside of
Pittsburgh. In attendance were over 100 members and candidates, making
for an electric atmosphere throughout the day. "This year Steel-City
had more candidates competing for its endorsement than ever before,
which shows a growing commitment by candidates in this region of the
Commonwealth to provide equality for all Pennsylvanians," said SCSD
President Dana Elmendorf.

At the event members were able to vote for endorsements in statewide
and local races. Candidates who were Strongly Endorsed by the club
are: Arlen Specter for U.S. Senate, Mike Doyle for U.S. House of
Representatives in the 14th Congressional District, Dan Connolly for
U.S. House of Representatives in the 18th Congressional District, and
Jonathan A. Saidel for Lt. Governor. Wayne Fontana was Strongly
Endorsed for the Pennsylvania Senate's 42nd District. In Pennsylvania
House races, Strongly Endorsed Candidates are Dan Frankel in the 23rd
District, Chelsa Wagner in the 22nd, and Jake Wheatley in the 19th.

Other candidates under consideration did not achieve a clear majority
of the support from voting members, but were top vote-getters in their
respective races, so those candidates receive a designation of
Recommended from the club.

Mark Purcell is Recommended for the State House in the 20th District.

In the race for the Governor's office, vote was tied between Joe
Hoeffel and Dan Onorato, each receiving an equal number of votes.
During his speech, Joe Hoeffel cited his steadfast support for issues
such as marriage equality and his commitment to a woman's right to
choose.  Dan Onorato, the Allegheny County executive stood by his
record of advancing LGBT rights locally, including the passage of the
County Human Relations ordinance.

"Because the voting membership decides whom to endorse, the SCSD board
of Directors will let stand the tie vote, with both Hoeffel and
Onorato Recommended in the May Primary," commented Janis Williams, a
Political Committee volunteer.

"The Steel-City Stonewall Democrats would like to thank its members
and volunteers and all of the Candidates who sought our endorsement
for making this year's event a great success.  Special thanks to SCSD
members: Janis Williams for volunteering to manage the endorsement
event, Chris Eckles for volunteering to set up the sound equipment and
Thomas Waters for videoing the candidates.  As an organization we are
always thrilled when we can continue to bring more people into the
political process. To that end, we would like to remind everyone who
participated in this event to vote in the Primary on May 18, 2010."


Per official procedures of the organization, Candidates will receive a
"Strong Endorsement" if they receive 50%+1 of the vote of the
membership in attendance. We will also acknowledge with a "Recommended
Endorsement" those candidates who, while not making the 50%+1
threshold, were top vote getters in their respective races.  This
allows members to offer endorsements in races with multiple candidates
seeking the endorsement.

Click the link below for videos, raw numbers, & pics from the
Endorsement Gathering:

Completed questionnaires from all the above the candidates are posted
in the news archive of

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April 19th 2010 is the LAST day to register vote in time for the May
18th, 2010 Pennsylvania Primary

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And last but not least:

Joanne Bostjanick & Lee Marcuzzi cordially invite you to their 3rd
Annual Desserts For Democrats

April 25th, 2 - 4 PM

Come and enjoy great deserts,
rub elbows with gay friendly candidates
and have a lovely afternoon.

1343 Sharps Hill Road
Pittsburgh PA 15215

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